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Welcome to our store. Here you can find awesome pug related merchandise, we have everything from Pug Gifts to Pug Clothing for all of our our fellow Pug owners!

We’re an international store, that means we can offer the best prices and of course, free delivery on all of our products.

We founded our online store in 2016; with one goal in mind. That goal was offering the most amazing Pug Gifts, clothing and merchandise to our customers. We stock jewelry,  clothing, t shirts, home decor, phones cases and much more!

We’re always looking for new pug related products, and we always like to hear feedback from our customers too. Why not contact us if you’re looking for something that we may not have?

We’re guessing you’re a bit interested in Pugs..? Okay, let’s not hide anything, we know you madly in love with your Pug, and want to show it!

Look no further if you're looking for Pug Gifts

It’s always a good time to buy something pug related, whether it’s for you or your fluffy ball of fun, or otherwise known as a Pug.

We have loads of things for you to choose from, from improving your home to awesome pug T shirts to show off your pug love.


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